Screen printing, all types of stickers and labels

Screen printing, all types of stickers and labels

Screen printing is a very cost effective way of producing large quantities of stickers of every type and size imaginable.Hi-Profile can provide anything you may require from a tiny postage stamp reminder sticker to a full blown poster.

A sticker on either paper or long lasting vinyl is a great form of advertising.

Are your name and number stuck beside all your customer’s phones?

Is it on every vehicle or product you’ve supplied, lent or hired out?

Sold stickers……….
Address labels…………
Window stickers…………
Warning stickers……………
‘Supplied by’ stickers……………
Service reminder stickers…………
Parts department ‘hot line’ stickers…………

You name it; Hi-Profile will print it on a sticker.

Go to our gallery pages to see more ideas and images of these products

hiprofile, screen printing all types of stickers.

HiProfile Signs & Automotive Solutions,
HiProfile Automotive Solutions are specialists in cost effective showroom and forecourt display & advertising material, and point of sale products, such as visor price boards, window boards, windscreen corner flashes, key tags, key rings, roof signs, back window stickers, tax & insurance holders, reg plate surrounds, reg plate surround stickers, service reminder stickers, car data cards and mini window stickers. HiProfile offer a complete service from design, printing and manufacture right through to delivery and application or fitting where required.UNBRANDED PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE OFF THE SHELF FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY.HiProfile specialise in complete start-up packages and can offer excellent discounts, for example, we can supply Tax & Insurance holders, Rear Window Stickers and Number Plate Surrounds all branded with your details as a package for far less than if purchased individually.

The business is 100% Irish owned, and a large proportion of our product range is manufactured in this country with local labour and we welcome your support.

At HiProfile we have a vast selection of products and as a result we are expert at tailoring our products to fit within our client’s budget.

Please note that we do not have a trade counter, all orders are despatched either by our own express van service or by nationwide courier service.MI

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