MAGNETIC SIGNS FOR VANS: Removable magnetic signs have been in use for years, but the extra slim ULTRAMAG sign panels supplied by Hi-Profile are streets ahead of the rests in terms of longevity and adhesion even at illegal speeds!Magnetic sign panels are available in any size up to 600 x 900, in any colour, or digitally printed in full colour.Many vehicles in the motor trade are only used for a short period of time before being sold on and the application of signage is therefore a costly option, whereas Hi-PROFILE MAGNETIC SIGN PANELS can be fitted temporarily and then reused on another vehicle – the cost effective solution! Popular applications include: COURTESY CARS, DEMO MODELS, PARTS DELIVERY VEHICLES, SHORT TERM HIRE VEHICLES, TEMPORARY VEHICLE ADVERTISING, TEMPORARY VAN HIRE, ADVERTISING SPECIAL FINANCE DEALS, TAXI ADVERTISING, SHELF LABELS FOR STEEL RACKING IN PARTS DEPARTMENTS, YEAR SIGNS FOR UNREGISTERED IMPORTS ON DISPLAY, (2012, 2015 etc.)

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